Thundershirt / Giveaway

Thundershirt / Giveaway
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  • If your dog freaks when things go bump in the night then the thunder shirt just might be the answer!

Boom Goes the Thundershirt!

Giveaway on the bottom!


We  love the thundershirt, you might also.  The idea of this snug fitting garment is to provide a calming effect for your four legged friend. It works by providing constant pressure which is supposed to have effects on the nervous system by possibly releasing endorphins. What ever it does it seems to help most dogs we have tried it on.

We were able to take three different size shirts and fit them on 7 of the 10 dogs.  The only one we had trouble fitting was a labradoodle in the XL, which was the correct size.  The other 2 we didn’t have the correct size. Out of the 7 dogs,  five seem to have a positive reaction to the shirt in uncomfortable situations (thunderstorms, garbage truck, landscapers).  All of  the dogs we tried on seem to have an no issues wearing it either.

The thundershirt is produced by a small proactive company. Their website has a lot of good info that should help you make the right decision. You can also check out their Facebook page to get some good information on their products. Obviously they are more then proud to stand by this terrific product. With their 100% guarantee it would be loony not to give it a try.

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Thundershirt Giveaway  /   Real simple!    


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