Cali Needs our help!

Cali Needs our help!


(Steve and Cali are personal  friends of the websites).

From Steve

I adopted Cali in 2009. Since I left my parents house she has been my best friend & My baby. Her and I have been through everything together. In the last few months she has had an irritated eye, which led to a tumor in her nasal cavity. Cali is just short of six years old, and according to the doctors perfectly healthy, besides the mass on her face. The doctors are quite sure she can make a full recovery. I refuse to euthanize my baby because of lack of money. I will do everything I can to keep her alive if it means selling all my belongings but the clothes I wear. Any donation will not be taken for granted by myself, Cali, or anyone who knows what a great dog she is. Even just sharing our story means everything!

All updates will be made through this thread


Steve has set a a gofundme account to help out with his cost. Like any anyone else we will do our best to try to help a friend in need out. (Any story we put up that asks for donations we thoroughly review)

Steve and Cali’s Gofundme account!   GOFUNDME



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