Cats – Creature Comforts

Cats – Creature Comforts

 Cats Comforts

When it comes to sleeping cats rule the world. Cats actually catch z’s for around 60% of their live. This is why its important to make sure your cat has a space in your abode they can call their home.  The truth is whether a tiny apartment or a big house they usually find their nook, but providing them with a great personal space is always a great idea.

Cats are generally looking for something secure and warm

If you ever notice when your home is on the cold side your cat will be curled up under or by something warm. The problem is cats usually don’t notice something getting hotter till its to late. Which is due to their high threshold to pain and their insulating fur. Heat ducts, wood burning stoves and fireplaces can be hazardous to cats. Anything accessible to a cat  that can go from warm to hot can be an issue. This is why it is essential to provide safe spots they will be comfortable with.

  Just like us cats are better adjusted when getting proper rest

By affording them with these spots they will be less likely to find them self in these uncomfortable situations.  There are many products out their to provide your cat these simple creature comforts. Some of the products were gonna show you today are the best of the best and might be out of your price range. Most of your local pet stores will have something that will provide your cat with their simple needs at a affordable price. Just make sure that what ever you decide your providing a safe place for your loved one.


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